Enhanced ERP Solutions for Capital Asset Management

Beautifully designed, functionally rich applications
with the easiest upgrade path in the industry.

Simple, Seamless & Manageable.

No Interfaces

No interfaces, middleware or dedicated servers required. Use E1 menus and security. Changes in our software are real-time and are immediately accessible to all your other applications.

Simple, easy upgrades

Native language overrides built in so you don't have to reapply them with each release. Innovative rivOV technology means no category code overrides need to be reapplied, ever!

Modular Design

The planXpert® suite of applications is modular by design. This reduces costs by only installing the modules you need. .

Enhanced Security

All our applications are fully managed by your current E1 security. Additionally, some applications have secondary security to give you more finite control over which roles can perform certain functions.

Designed with you

Rivelin Software products have truly been designed with the end user in mind. The development has been done in consultation with some of the largest Oracle clients with the most demanding requirements..

Unrivalled Support

From regular updates to World-Class support, we set the bench-mark for customer/client partnerships.

Our Solutions

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The planXpert™ series of applications are all fully integrated together for a seamless Planning & Scheduling experience.
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