Beta Sign Up for planXpert™ Charts now available
planXpert™ now works with either DPL or DRQJ WO Dates
New PRO Version Released!
New Drag and Drop function now in the Gantt Chart
planXpert™ PRO 2.0 Released

This update incorporates massive enhancements and new functionality to every application, including new Work Day Calendars, dynamic Capacity Balancing and more.

planXpert™ PRO Released

The next evolution of planXpert™ is here. The PRO module consolidates all the Capacity / Demand Modules and adds extensive new functionality for Resource Exceptions, Assignments and more.

planXpert™ Gantt v10 Released

This new version contains beautiful new Metrics Gauges, Drag and Drop, Optimised Gantt Rendering, more Warranty Integrations and much more.

planXpert™ Assignments now available

Extenstive new Assignments functionality has been added to the Capacity/Demand Module. Now Multiple individuals can be assigned to Labour Steps in a powerful, but simple interface.

Real time Capacity /Demand information is available to help the Supervisor maximize resources and a new Workbench allows the Trades to review and print their schedule and complete and hold tasks.

Schedule Compliance Functions

True schedule compliance functionality is now built into the Capacity/Demand Module. Multiple Schedule snapshots can be taken, based on different criteria and these can be compared to the actual work performed.

Historical metrics can be analyzed to assess performance and compliance.

planXpert™ now enabled for native Language Support and rivOV client override ecosystem released.

No longer do you have to manually reapply vocabulary overrides with each new planXpert® release as the application now natively supports 5 languages in addition to English; French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Finnish!

rivOV supplements Vocabulary override functionality by allowing the client to define specific overrides at the application or Data Dictionary level.

planXpert® is now rivOV enabled for all Work Order, Equipment and Warranty Category Codes. Both the native language support and rivOV truely make planXpert® Plug and Play and massively simplify the installation of new Rivelin software releases