Your Partner for CAM &
related Applications

Highly Functional Consoles

Most of the applications feature multiple windows, which allow the user to perform most common tasks from a single, ergonomically designed screen.

Innovative new functionality that truely enhances the E1 offering, without sacrificing any the features you already have.

Simple, easy Upgrades

Installing the software and updates is a breeze. We have native language overrides built into the applications, so you don't have to apply them with each release.

Moreover, a Category Code eco-system is included where the client can define the language overrides for any Category Codes used in our applications.
The client specific overrides are applied just once and are never overwritten when updates are applied.

  • Comprehensive Functionality
  • Multi-Windowed Applications
  • Single screen dashboards
  • Native Multi-Language Overrides
  • rivOV user Category Codes
  • Graphical display of information
  • On-line support and ticketing
  • Our Products Rock!

    Our clients absolutely love Rivelin products.
    We listen to their needs and deliver solutions that are client driven.
    Our customers are some of the largest, most Asset Intensive companies in the world.

    Join them in selecting Rivelin Software as your partner.