Software Delivery

The applications are installed very easily, using specially developed packages which are imported into your environment.

This self installing package automatically creates an OMW Project in the environment of your choice.

Typically, a new package can be installed in under a minute.
A Software Release notification is issued when the update is available for delivery.
We do not automatically ship the updates, but wait for a client request from an authorized individual.
The new Version Number of the software is included in the Release Notification.
You can find your current version of any Module by clicking the Form-->Version exit in the following applications: Gantt Window, Capacity Manager, Warranty Browse, snapShot Equipment Browse and specXpert Browse.

The latest software version is found on this website from About-->Key Info-->Version Information.


All products are developed using the same tools as Oracle uses. In this way the applications are seamless and integrated with the same feel and navigation as your exising E1 applications.

The applications can also be put on your regular E1 menus and use E1 security (Add, Change, Delete, View, Hyperexit etc.).

The applications are Security, Menu and Role compliant.
No, 3rd party applications are not requried.

The graphs and Gantt charts have been developed using innovative programming techniques right within the E1 toolset. Any user of the application will see these charts and graphs right out of the box.
A Technical Reference is provided with the software to guide you through the process of installing the icons and graphics included in the software release. This is a very straightforward process.

Also, with new purchases, limited on-line installation support is provided and onsite install services are available for a fee.


All support is handled through our on-line Ticketing System. This allows us to track all issues and provide a history of all requests.

We will contact you by phone if necessary for further clarification and can also provide remote video based / screen sharing support.

Access the Helpdesk via this website: About --> Key Info --> Helpdesk Link
In order to add a new ticket, you must be a registered user.

Please contact us and we will set you up with a user ID and a link to the Ticketing System where you can set your own password.

When access is granted to the system you will be able to then add and view tickets.

Feature Requests

At Rivelin we are always looking to improve our software and issue regular updates to provide new features and functions.

Many of the features included in these releases are client suggestions.

If you are on a Maintenance Plan, you will receive any new update for no charge. However, if you wish to include a feature unique to your company or expedite the release of a new function, then we will try to accomodate such requests for a development fee.
Use the Helpdesk Ticketing System to request a new feature. Use a Classification of Software Feature Request, enter the details and submit.